Babily has turned 1!

Babily has grown so much in one year, I can hardly recognize it! 🙂

How it all started…

A year ago when I started this business, I had no idea what I was getting into and where it would take me. However, thanks to Luxembourg’s welcoming environment, it felt like home all the way. Starting from scratch, attending various trainings, setting up a web shop, managing events and social networks accounts, resulted in creating an incredible network of customers, entrepreneurs, municipal representatives, mentors, and suppliers.

Many thanks to everyone

I wish to thank each customer for showing us trust even though we came from nowhere. Many thanks to our partners and support circle; firstly to ADEM for giving me an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, Touchpoints for training, mentoring, and support, Dress for Success for training, and support, Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette for opportunity to be more visible “offline” in their pop-up store and Ville de Luxembourg for giving us an opportunity to be part of LuxExpo’s Long Live the Summer.

News from Babily

In 2022 Babily started as an online shop specialized in baby gifts, specifically for baby shower, birth, Christening, first Christmas/New Year and first birthday. Currently beside baby gifts, Babily offers gifts for toddlers and school children. I am now proud to present our newest addition of wedding gifts. We look forward to expanding further onto general gifting program in 2023. Our assortiment may change, but Babily’s mission will always stay the same: be dedicated to offer memorable and meaningful gifts and strive to bring variety to our small yet beautiful country 🇱🇺.

Thank you all for making it possible for Babily to grow and turn 1.

Vill Gléck fir däi Gebuertsdag!
Joyeux anniversaire!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Happy birthday, Babily!

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With love,

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